Don't Start (This is what I think of you)

by Ophelia & Brijs

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produced by Brijs


I've been belittled been in a pickle
I know you don't mean to but you treat me so fickle
Don't take it out on her she's only little
Words break my bones they're brittle
Don't wanna tell the truth cos it hurts you
I know the power I know what words do
I might let it all out in verse two
When this dam breaks it'll burst through
no sorrys you can't take the blame
You won't own it you can't take the pain
expecting respect now I've made a name
Things have changed but this stays the same
I want to love you want to practice forgiveness
You the perpetrator and the witness
It wasn't your fault it was sickness
You made my skin and then you gave it thickness

Don't Start telling me what to do
Don't Start this is what I think of you
You made promises you couldn't keep
I was scared I couldn't sleep
Promises you couldn't keep
I was scared I couldn't sleep

How can you fix it when you caused it
You said you'll stop but you can't even pause it
Burn baby burn you're caustic
& It gets worse as you get more sick
I don't think you realise the damage
Blame me for your failed marriage
Cruelty you were savage
Wrecked havoc I was ravaged
Threatened with a knife this is not a metaphor
Is this love? Es l'amore?
My friends don't believe they never saw
I don't want to be here teleport
Everyone's asking about my scratched face
I'm a victim a victim of the rat race
I don't want to leave you with a bad taste
But the truth will make you pull a sad face


released October 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Ophelia London, UK

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